Looking to learn more about Broadband Internet with CBN? Below are answers to our
most commonly asked questions.


A. For some outside premise work, there might be digging involved. Holes and trenches are made to be minimally intrusive, and we strive to make it as unnoticeable as possible. If you have questions or issues about the outside work, please call us at 970-384-4800.

A. There are a few different ways that CBN navigates a cement driveway. First, we see if it is possible to go around the driveaway. If that isn’t an option then CBN will bore underneath the driveway. Boring requires that a large trench be dug next to the driveway on both sides. If the landscape makes this impossible CBN looks for other routes.

A. For any inside premise work, yes, someone over age 18 must be present. For the outside work no presence is required.


A. Yes, most likely. CBN recommends the following brands if buying equipment TPLink, ASUS, or Cisco.

A. No, you are welcome to buy your own equipment. However, there may come a time where CBN is unable to provide technical support because it is your equipment.

A. If you are experiencing connectivity issues and suspect it may be the wireless gateway, rebooting the device is step number one in trying to resolve the problem. Otherwise, Wireless Gateways need only be rebooted every 3-4 months.


A. Make sure to the clear cache, unplug and restart the equipment, if issues persist, please call our tech line at 970-384-4805.

A. To run a speed test, go to https://www.speedtest.net/

A. For the most accurate results run the test on a laptop or desktop computer plugged directly into the home router with an Ethernet cable.


A. Go to www.gscbn.com and scroll down to the manage account icon. For first time users, please select register account. You will need the six digit account number and the email address associated with the account. If asked for a last bill amount, it will be $0 unless you have received your first bill. The link generated is good for 24 hours.

A. Yes, just call CBN at 970-384-4800 with the card or payment information you would like associated with your account. For auto-pay, we accept credit card or ACH.

A. Please check your junk folder, or sign into your online account to access your invoices. CBN can also send pdfs of past invoices, just ask by emailing customercare@gscbn.com.


Let us know by calling 970-384-4800 or by email at customercare@gscbn.com.