What traffic impacts will I see as a commuter?

As with any construction there will be delays. People want to see what is going on in the area, it is a neat project and people may slow to look at the project. In order to reduce these delays, the City is asking that drivers stay off their phones, pay attention to the signage, and follow the direction of our personnel who are on site directing traffic.

At this time, the City anticipates these closures and delays:

  • Night closures (detour to 8th Street) during girder and pedestrian bridge sets (Late Spring through Summer 2019)
  • Full Closure and detour to 8th Street during the traffic bridge removal and slide operation. This will be a long weekend during late summer 2019.
  • Periodic holds for the ingress and egress of construction equipment. The City hopes to limit these to outside high traffic times.
  • Periodic holds on the river and trail when critical overhead work takes place. (Limited)

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